Cassaundra Sanderson

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2015 – May 2018
            MFA, Studio Art: Painting
            University of Arkansas, School of Art. Fayetteville, AR
2011 – 2015
            BA, Studio Art: Painting and Ceramics
            College of the Ozarks. Point Lookout, MO


Professional Experience


2018 - 2019

            Visiting Instructor, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Department of Art and Design, AR                                                                                                                                                                       Basic Drawing, Drawing Creative Invention, Painting Fundamentals I             

June 2018
            Instructor, University of Arkansas, School of Art. Fayetteville, AR
                 Introduction to Drawing from Observation
Aug 2017 – May 2018
            Graduate Instructor, Foundations, University of Arkansas, School of Art. Fayetteville, AR
                   Form and Surface
Jan 2017 – March 2018
            Graduate Teaching Assistant, Foundations, University of Arkansas, School of Art. Fayetteville, AR
                   Observation and Visualization, introductory drawing course in Foundations course plan
                   Charcoal and Strathmore paper as primary materials
                   Assisting with students working, class discussions, and class prep
                   Assistant to Kasey Ramirez, with Sam King as Foundations Supervisor
Aug 2016 – Dec 2017
            Private Art History Teacher for child with nonverbal autism. Tontitown, AR
July 2016
           Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Arkansas, School of Art
                    Assisting Dylan DeWitt in Color Theory course
May 2016
           Student Instructor, Intercession Course, University of Arkansas. Fayetteville, AR.
                    Teaching at Life Styles, Inc., a program for adults with disabilities. Springdale, AR
                    Dr. Angela LaPorte as Supervisor
April 2015
             Instructor, Beginner’s Acrylics Class, Branson Arts Council. Branson, MO
2014 – 2015
           Studio Assistant / Co-Manager of Glaze Department, College of the Ozarks. Point Lookout, MO
                    Assisting in Clay Studio. Responsibilities of: maintaining Clay Studio, making
                    and testing classroom glazes, making clay, producing pots for College gift shop; assisting
                    in prep for classes
                   Jeff Johnston as Supervisor
2012 – 2014
          Student Worker / Studio Assistant, College of the Ozarks Art Department. Point Lookout, MO
                   Assisting in maintaining studio classrooms, prep for classes, assisting in
                   teaching: Two-Dimensional Design, Drawing I and II, Painting I and II
                   Dr. Anne Allman as Supervisor


Gallery/ Visiting Artist Coordinator

Aug 2017 – March 2018
           Visiting Artist Coordinator, University of Arkansas School of Art. Fayetteville, AR
                  Contacting visiting artist and department bringing in artist to ensure efficient visit,
                  Writing introductory bio, helping in transportation, setting up for artist’s lecture with
                  AV equipment
                  Marc Mitchell as Supervisor
Jan 2016 – Nov 2017
          Gallery Director, sUgAR Art Gallery, University of Arkansas School of Art. Fayetteville, AR
                 Maintaining gallery; planning yearly schedule of exhibits featuring emerging artists,
                 faculty, students, visiting lecturers, and architecture students and faculty; writing grant
                 proposals for funding; writing press releases; contacting local media and working with
                 department of design for broadside; reception preparation; wall and track lighting
                 Marc Mitchell as Supervisor
Nov 2017
           Curated Illogical Animus: A Survey of Artwork from Banned Countries, sUgAR Art Gallery
                 Consisting of six International artists and spanning video, ceramics, glass powder
                 Installation, and painting
                 Artists: Katayoun Amjadi, Kaveh Baghdadchi, Hosseinali Saheb Ekhtiari, Tirazheh
                 Eslami, Farima Fooladi, Sara Rastegarpouyani
Oct 2016
          Curated In Which We Dwell, sUgAR Art Gallery
                 Featuring emerging, professional artists: Hilary Baker, Tyler Beard, Andrew Blanchard,
                 Adam Ekberg, Matthew F. Fisher, and Ron Lambert


Hired Contractor


            Installation Team for 21c Museum Exhibition, Labor and Materials. Bentonville, AR. De-installed and packed previous exhibit. Unpacked and installed Labor and Materials.                                   Assisting Dayton Castleman.

2013 - 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Designed and produced Christmas cards to give to local businesses, sponsors, employees; Track Family Fun Parks 

Sep 2015
           Sign Commission, Student Youth Travel Association (SYTA), Branson Chamber of Commerce, MO
                   Designed and rendered 6’x4’ composition on chalkboard featuring the logos of
                   sponsoring businesses
           Centerpiece Commission, (SYTA), Branson Chamber of Commerce, MO
                   Designed and painted centerpieces for SYTA Banquet
Oct 2015
            Produced pottery for the Cokers’ wedding reception
Feb 2015
            Produced 9-hole Route 76 Glow Golf course, Track Family Fun Parks. Branson, MO
                   Proposed theme, designs, and painted
            Commission, Track Family Fun Parks. Branson, MO
                   Produced three paintings of the High-Rise Go-Kart Tracks


FEC/ Guest Service Experience

March 2009 – July 2017
            Crew Member, Track Family Fun Parks. Branson, MO
                  Skycoaster certified, cashier, ride attendant
                  Guest services, teamwork, multitasking and filling roles as needed, communicating info
                  to guests, cash handling, record-keeping for transactions, addressing guest-related
                  problems / concerns, providing TripAdvisor responses


Solo, Two-, and Three-Person Exhibitions

March 2018
           For Wintonbury, solo Thesis Exhibition. Fine Arts Center Gallery. Fayetteville, AR
Feb 2018
          One Nite Standard Presents: Kurtzman and Sanderson, Lalaland Gallery. Fayetteville, AR
                 Featured work: Olive’s Typewriter in Suitcase (and Note)


Group Exhibitions

July 2018

         Master Pieces, Manifest Creative Research Gallery. Cincinnati, OH                                                                                                                                                                            The 12th                     Annual Exhibition of works by current and recent Graduate students. National juried exhibition, 12% of the works submitted were included in exhibit. Featured work: For Harvey,                   For Theo (the Brothers)

May 2018
         Stage Eighteen Presents: Thesis Pieces, Stage Eighteen Art Gallery. Fayetteville, AR
                 Presenting work from graduating MFA students at the University of Arkansas
April 2018
          Intersections: A Month of Art and Performance Supporting Women, Stage Eighteen
                 Featured work: For Elizabeth (On Things You Get Rid of), For Sophia (On Moving
                 Away on Your Own), Rice Cakes (On Trying to be Thin)
        Regional Juried Exhibition, Arts Council of Southeast Missouri. Cape Girardeau, MO
                Juried by Joshua Newth, Five-state regional
                Featured work: The Brothers (diptych), Chairs
                Juror’s Award for Chairs
       12”, Lalaland Gallery. Fayetteville, AR
       Float to the Bottom, Sink to the Top, sUgAR Art Gallery. Fayetteville AR
       Sketchbook West. Laguna Beach, CA
       Branson Art Walk, Branson Arts Council, Downtown. Branson, MO
       Show/Tell: An MFA Group Exhibition, sUgAR Art Gallery. Fayetteville, AR
       Woman-Made: NWA, Grace Point Church Art Gallery. Bentonville, AR
       Women of Uark Art, Faulkner Performing Arts Center. Fayetteville, AR
        Self-Titled: An MFA Group Exhibition, sUgAR Art Gallery. Fayetteville, AR
        Undergraduate Thesis Exhibition, Boger Art Gallery. Point Lookout, MO
        White River Art Exhibition, Taneyhills Library. Branson, MO
        Taneycomo Bridge Art Exhibition: Remembrance of. Hilton Convention Center. Branson, MO
       Taneyhills Community Art Exhibition, Taney Hills Library. Branson, MO
               Best of Show with oil painting
               Second Place with ink drawing
2010 Taneyhills Community Art Exhibition, Taney Hills Library. Branson, MO
               Second Place with ink drawing



         Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts
              Instructor: Heather McCalla
              Woodworking and Lamp-making one-week workshop



2016 - 2018
         Graduate Assistantship, University of Arkansas School of Art. Fayetteville, AR
               Covering full tuition
2015 - 2018
         Graduate Fellowship, University of Arkansas School of Art. Fayetteville, AR
               Awarded $4,000 per academic year
         Juror’s Award for Chairs, Regional Juried Exhibit. Cape Girardeau, MO
         Master of Fine Arts Student Travel Grant, University of Arkansas. Fayetteville, AR
                Covering travel to Cape Girardeau in bringing work and attending reception                                                                                                                                                                                 Awarded Artists & Concerts Committee Grant, University of Arkansas. Fayetteville, AR
               For written Proposal of sUgAR Gallery exhibit, Illogical Animus: A Survey of Artwork
               from Banned Countries
         Summer Research Grant, University of Arkansas, School of Art
                Awarded $3,000 for personal research in preparation for Thesis Year
          Awarded Full Tuition Coverage for Arrowmont Workshop
         Graduate Summer Assistantship
                Awarded for the month of July
                Graduate Teaching Assistant for Dylan DeWitt with Color Theory course
         Ozarks Fellowship, College of the Ozarks
                 Graduated Cum Laude, College of the Ozarks
                 President’s List, College of the Ozarks
2012 - 2014
          Book Scholarship, College of the Ozarks
2011 - 2014
          Dean’s List, College of the Ozarks
          Full Scholarship Funding Travel to China
          Lewis Family Book Scholarship
          Slusher Institutional Scholarship


Courses Taught

Instructor of Record

June 2018
             ARTS 1013-011 Introduction to Drawing from Observation
             Summer Session I course, 15 contact hours/week, 3 credits
             Studio Course addressing problems dealing with materials and techniques of drawing, including
             basic concepts of line, perspective, and value. Charcoal on paper as primary materials.
Aug 2017 – May 2018
      Graduate Instructor
            ARTS 1919C Form and Surface
            8-week course, 8 contact hours/week, (part of 9 credits, Foundations I Semester course load)
            Studio Course addressing elements/principles of Art and Design by means of abstract painting.
            Students familiarize themselves with online art catalogs, creating a visual glossary. Students practice basic painting techniques, learn to communicate in critiques and
           discussions, and give a presentation on a contemporary artist. Black and white tempera on hardboard panel as primary materials.



Teaching Foundations
Curatorial / Gallery work
Drawing: charcoal, pencil, pen, digital
Painting: tempera, watercolor, acrylics, oil
Microsoft Office
Adobe Suite
AV Equipment
Artwork documentation / photo editing
2-Dimensional Design
3-Dimensional Design
Short-story writing
72 WPM
Guest Services / friendliness / patience